17 Adorable Photos That Prove Why Every Kid Needs a Pet

So your children want pets? They’re begging for a kitten to cuddle, or a rabbit they can feed, but you’re not so sure as it’s a big commitment. Well, before you make your decision about bringing pets into the family, discover the 17 adorable photos that prove why every kid needs a pet and why having a pet is actually good for your children’s health and development.

#1 ‘Please doc, give me some good news…Is it serious?’

17 Adorable Photos That Prove Why Every Kid Needs a Pet

#2 These two are destined to be best buds

kid and pet photo

#3 Give Me A Kiss…But I haven’t brushed my teeth yet

kid and pet photo

#4 They share the same bed

#5 This is my kid, not yours!

#6 A rainbow kiss

#7 A special moment captured

#8 We Don’t Need Cups (Or Bowls)

#9 Sharing is Caring

#10 Who is cuter? Me or her?

#11 Hey, she’s my mother, not yours!!

#12 Best babysitter

#13 A helping paw!

#14 Don’t Worry, Kid, I Got Your Back

#15 Best friends forever!

#16 The bestest friends

#17 Sweet!

Few friendships can compare to the bond between a child and their pet. Pets provide companionship, they help kids learn, they encourage nurturing, they keep them healthy and help build beautiful family bonds. Let’s take a look at some of the cutest kid-and-pet pictures around.

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