32 Year Old Woman Has 12 Children And Has Only Gone Two Years Without Being Pregnant Since 15

Britni Church, 32 and a mother to twelve beautiful children, shared how she spent 17 years of her life in and out of pregnancies.

For most, having a big family isn’t within their plans for practical reasons; but this certainly does not apply to Kansas native Britni Church, a mother-of-12.

The 32-year-old recently talked about her large family in a viral TikTok video, with two of her youngest appearing as she highlighted their slim age gap.

Church spent 17 years in and out of pregnancies, with two years being the longest she’d ever gone without nurturing life in her womb. Still, with a big family, she remains happy and at peace.

Church shared that she initially had five children with her ex-husband. However, she went through a phase when they separated and accidentally got pregnant. As a result, she welcomed her sixth child with a different father.

Since giving life to six, Church remained single before meeting Chris at 28 years old. After a year of love, the couple welcomed their first child together.

Their blended family was never a problem for Chris as he cared for each child as his own. Being happy as parents, it wasn’t too long after that the couple found themselves expecting again.

Church was blessed with triplets, bringing a total of 11 children to their household. Although unexpected, the proud mom shared it was a moment they “will never forget for sure.”

This year, their family welcomed baby number 12, who they believe is their last child.

“We get lots of stares when we go out as a family,” Church says.

Nonetheless, Britni plans to bring four more tots into the world. Speaking about whether she has a cutoff, the mother responds, “I don’t think I would ever have more than 15 kids but, then again, I never thought I’d have 11 kids.” However, Britni claims that she would stop if her children objected.

“We’d love to get some animals too,” says Britni. “Maybe two dogs and a cat would be a good start.”

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