33-Year-Old Mum Of 12 Children, “Pregnant For 17 Years,” And Still Going Strong

Most people don’t aim to have a large family due to practical considerations, but a Kansas native and mother of 12 Britni Church most definitely does. Britni had no idea she would have such a large family, but after she started having kids, she realized how much she enjoyed the constant company that a large family offered.

The mother from Arkansas City, Kansas, gave birth to Crisman in 2004 with her ex-husband six days after turning sixteen. Crisman is now 15 years old. Jordan, 14, Caleb, 13, Jace, 12, and Cadence, 10, were the next four children the couple had together after getting married five days earlier.

Britni adored being single when the marriage split up in 2010, and she spent her weekends partying. In 2012, she became unexpectedly pregnant with Jesalyn, now eight, her sixth child. Before meeting Chris, a subcontractor, at work in 2014, she was a single parent for three years, rearing her kids all by herself.

Before Britni gave birth to son Christopher, age three, in 2016, and unexpected triplets Oliver, Asher, and Abel, age one, in June of last year, the couple welcomed their first son, Silas, age five, in the summer of 2015, a year after they first met. When Britni left her manufacturing job, she became pregnant with her 12th child. After the baby was born, she revealed that the family was using 600 diapers every week.

Britni Church, 33, must spend a fortune on food, diapers, and clothing for her big brood. A mother of twelve expressed her least favorite question, one that she is “always” questioned about. Britni Church, a mother from Kansas, said that while she is busy, people usually ask if she expects her older children to look after their younger siblings or if she tries to avoid treating them like stand-in parents.


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