8 things the fetus likes the most while in the womb, the baby being spoiled will accelerate development

8 things mothers do while pregnant with a happy, healthy baby in the womb.

The fetus receives signals through the mother’s body and mood, so it is the mother’s job to give positive signals to the baby. During pregnancy, there are 8 things babies love to do in the womb , pregnant women remember to do well for their babies.

Healthy food

Babies begin to distinguish between different tastes at 13-15 weeks of pregnancy. Your amniotic fluid tastes like the food you eat, the baby swallows it and gets used to the different tastes. So if you want to ensure that your baby is a “good eater” in the future, eat a variety of healthy foods throughout your pregnancy.

Take a warm bath

When the fetus is large enough to press close to the skin of the mother’s abdomen, they can feel the temperature change. That’s why bath water temperature sometimes affects your baby. A warm bath will calm the mother and comfort the baby.

Belly rubs

Your baby’s tactile receptors begin to develop around the 8th week, and around the 20th week, the fetus is large enough to perceive the mother’s touch from the outside. During this period, the mother can gently touch the abdomen during certain relaxation times of the day, being careful not to rub the abdomen too much, which can cause the umbilical cord to wrap around the neck.

Listen to your mother whisper

At 25-26 weeks, babies begin to respond to the noises they hear outside of the womb. A mother’s voice is one of the things a fetus loves , providing comfort and reassurance and signaling that everything is fine.

Listening to music

Listening to relaxing music produces serotonin hormone that promotes the release of endorphins that are transferred to the baby, music will also stimulate the senses and promote the development of the brain of the fetus.

Body movement

Choosing the right exercises during pregnancy safely will help the baby’s heart develop better and be stronger if the mother is regularly active.

Mom’s time to rest

The mother’s rest period is the baby’s happy time. That’s when babies get busy, start practicing acrobatics and experiencing new movements.

Mom’s laughter

The ultrasound shows that the fetus starts bouncing up and down when the mother smiles. The happy hormones released when the mother is happy will directly benefit the infant. So make sure to create as many positive moments as possible.

Pregnancy is a time to experience positive emotions. The better you feel, the healthier and happier you will be. So, always pay attention to doing the things your baby likes while in the womb so that the baby can grow up healthy and be born safely.


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