Amazing A Sydney Mum Has Given Birth To Her Second Set Of Identical Twins

The identical baby girls, who were born at Norwest Private Hospital in Bella Vista, were the second set of identical twins born to proud parents Sophia and Paule Brown.

Their big brothers, three-year-olds Ethan and Harley, were also born at Norwest Private Hospital.

The twins arrived on Wednesday September 6. Camilla was born at 1.25pm weighing 3.12kg, and Madison a minute later weighing 3.02kg.

Sophia says she was shocked to find out she would be giving birth to another set of twins.

“We wanted to try for a girl and ended up getting two. We’re very excited,” she said.

“I think things will be easier this time around, because we are just more prepared and experienced,” she said.

Even more remarkable, both sets of twins were conceived naturally and not through IVF, in which the chance of multiple births is higher.

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