Amazing, Couple Finally Welcome First Daughter After Having 10 Son

One family in Britain recently gained a lot of social media attention after they welcomed a baby daughter. She was the first girl in a family of 10 sons !

Alexis Brett, who is just 39 years of age, has already given birthday to 10 boys. And now their happiness is complete now that they finally have a girl in the family.

The more, the merrier

The British mom thought thei 10th son Rothagaidh, who was bỏn 2 years ago, was already their last baby in the family. But much to their surprise, she became pregnant again – this time with a baby girl.

She’s just 39 and already a mother of 11

According to Alexis, baby Cameron’s arrival totally changed the dynamics in their home.

Their boys get extra quiet whenever she’s sleeping so as not to wake her up. They’re all just glad to have a little sister at last.

So will they have another baby after Cameron ?

The answer is a big no –  and they’re really serious this time around !

“ There’ll be no more, “ says Alexis.

I said that last time but this time, I absolutely mean it.

I love my family as it is now “.


Alexis, howerver, clarified that her husband hardworking David is earning enough as a train driver to support the family’s needs. And while she admits things can sometime get overwhelming , she’ also pleased that her kids are growing up together and often surprise them with wonderful things. All hardships that come with parenting are pretty much worth it indeed.

While most people are happy for the family, Alexis confesses they’ve also heard numerous negative remarks, which they just try to shrug off. In some cases, others are assuming the couple is enjoying a lot of benefits for having almost a dozen of children.



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