Amazing Funny And Lovable Baby Photo Ideas

Looking for some funny baby photo ideas ? Babies are adorable. Especially if they’re your own… Then they’re the cutest living creature on the planet. Once the bundle of joy is part of your life, the little kiddo is also 100% part of your Instagram and Facebook feeds.

Pool-side siblings. Use a reflective sheet as the ‘pool’ backdrop to achieve this shot and don’t forget to light your area evenly.

It doesn’t get easier than this. Just add big shoes and voila!

A little mustache on a little human is always a winner.

Funny baby photo ideas don’t need to be complicated. You don’t even need to set this one up. Just wait until it’s dinner time and snap away.

Funny baby photo ideas work for holiday cards too!

Photos with pups and babies are inherently giggle-worthy. Just add dog!

Funny baby photo ideas can mean something simple or it can mean partaking in some serious dress up.

And finally: just add puddles. Oh, and ducks! And an adorable yellow rain getup and a rainbow umbrella.


Little basketball star in the making.

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