Amazing Mum’s Triple Joy As She Has An IVF Baby And Natural Twins

By an extraordinary chance Marie Mellor, 29, became pregnant naturally at exactly the same time as she conceived by IVF.

Marie Mellor and her husband with their new born triplets

Babies Olly, Ava and Freya were born three months prematurely at Sheffield Royal Hallamshire Hospital on October 30.

Marie, who suffers from blocked fallopian tubes, began NHS IVF treatment in March, having one fertilised embryo implanted.

Marie concieved one of her new borns from IVF treatment and the other two naturally

Then as she and partner Marc Hutchinson, 30, went for her first scan they discovered three healthy babies were on their way. Marie, of Barnsley, said: “We just could not believe it – we were both speechless for a second.

“This time last year I hardly dared dream of having one baby – now I’ve got three ” She said.

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