Amazing One Twin Was Conceived Naturally, The Other Via IVF

Sheridan’s path to motherhood was strewn with heartbreak. Miscarriages, months of invasive treatments, and IVF left her dejected and praying for a miracle.

What happened was beyond anything Sheridan and her husband Andrew could have ever dreamt of. They were finally pregnant – with twins. But with only one embryo implanted, how was it possible they were expecting twins? Incredibly, Sheridan had fallen pregnant naturally, while she was already pregnant through IVF.

Andrew and Sheridan had always known they’d try for a baby as soon as they married, so when the NSW couple tied the knot in November 2018, they didn’t waste any time. In March 2019, they were ecstatic to discover that they were expecting.

“Andrew works away weekends in Narrabri so is away from Thursday to Monday every week. My first ultrasound appointment at 10 weeks gestation was booked when Andrew was away so I attended the appointment by myself.

I lay on the table, bladder full, watching the screen, the technician went quiet and asked me how many weeks I thought I was. I knew at that moment that it was not good news, the embryo had stopped developing at around the 6-week mark. I left the appointment in a daze, and somehow managed to make it home before I fell into a heap on the floor in tears.”

Sheridan and Andrew embarked on the journey full of hope but had no success. So the next step was to proceed to IVF. But with Covid impacting elective surgeries and procedures, it was another two-month wait before they could start the process.

“In June 2020 we began with the daily hormone injections in preparation for the egg collection. Each morning I did the injection and counted down the days until the ultrasound where the nurse would examine my follicles. The follicles were growing and I had a good amount to harvest, on the day of egg collection I had eight mature eggs collected and six were able to be fertilised.

In January 2021, Sheridan and Andrew started the process to transfer their stored, frozen embryo. Ten days later, they were thrilled to discover they were pregnant and due in October. Sheridan booked in with Dr Jini for her first scan, but two days before started to bleed.


“I had passed a decent-sized clot and there was a significant amount of blood so I sat in the waiting room leading into the appointment holding back tears fully expecting the ultrasound to show I had miscarried again. When conducting the scan I couldn’t bear to look at the screen so when Dr Jini firstly told me that there was a heartbeat and secondly asked, ‘Are you sure they only implanted one embryo as there is a second sac’. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing let alone seeing on the screen.

“One embryo was showing a fetal pole and heartbeat whilst the second embryo was showing a fetal pole however it was much smaller and too early to see a heartbeat.

“On my follow-up appointment with Dr Jini the second heartbeat was detected and we were confirmed to be pregnant with twins! We were thrilled, these were our double rainbow babies and I could not believe how blessed we were.

“The results showed that they were two separate eggs and that the smaller embryo was a spontaneous pregnancy, or a natural pregnancy, as the larger embryo was in line with the dating Genea had provided. We were ecstatic to learn that we were going to have a boy (IVF) and a little girl (natural).

“Darcy Russell was delivered first at 8.25 am on the 6th September weighing 2090g, Fleur Eloise was delivered at 8.29 am weighing 1190g. Fleur’s birth was also a rare event as it was an en caul birth where she was born in an intact amniotic sac, this little girl just kept amazing us.

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