Amazing Pregnant Women Has ‘Huge’ Baby Bump

A pregnant mum says her baby bump is so huge, people often think she’s carrying eight babies. Renae W posted some pictures of her pregnant tummy on social networking platform TikTok.

32 weeks

Now in the 37th week of pregnancy, the mum who already has four children said she cannot wait to meet her ”rainbow baby”, but will miss the big bump.

35 weeks

She insisted she has no medical conditions to explain the baby bump which is much larger then normal.

She also says she does not have polyhydramnios, extra fluid or gestational diabetes which would account for the huge bump.

36 Weeks

She added: ”I had an ultrasound not that long ago, fluid is normal, baby is measuring a week and four days ahead.”

37 Weeks

‘Saying a belly shouldn’t be that big when me and my baby are healthy.” She said her her short height made her bump appear bigger than it actually is.

The mum said she only gained 35 pounds during her current pregnancy and said her her last boy came out weighing nine pounds and six ounces.

38 Weeks

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