America’s First All-Female Set of Quintuplets Get Ready for First Grade

This American family became popular around the world just because they had All-Female Set of Quintuplets in the US! When Danielle and Adam Busby decided to try for one more baby, they had no idea they would end up with five!

“It’s pretty hectic over here,” says Danielle who stays at home while Adam works. “I never get a break. Even when they nap, I have to start preparing dinner or wash clothes.” While the couple says they’re finally getting into a groove when it comes to caring for their big family, trying to keep up with five toddlers is a never-ending challenge.

“I was raised with two sisters, so all I knew were girls growing up,” he says. “If we had a boy, that could also complicate things — at least with girls they can all kind of share stuff, and that makes it a little easier.” said Adam.

While Adam is outnumbered seven to one in the Busby house, he doesn’t mind being the odd man out.

The girls turns 6 this year and now are preparing for the first grade. Each of them is unique in her own way. They have different styles, personalities and food preferences.

As the quints have gotten older, it has become less difficult to tell them apart—especially because only two of them are identical twins. At the birthday party, they had private and fully different cakes, depending on their own preferences.

The eldest daughter of the family is more than 10 years old. She can properly look after her sisters and helps her parents a lot.

The Busby quintuplets became famous across the world, due to the reality show named OutDaughtered. People from various parts of the world enjoyed watching the girls.

“I love the show, all the girls are so beautiful and adorable, I’ll watch the show every time it’s on TV, beautiful family, I hope to watch them grow up and see them turn into all young ladies, thank you for putting your beautiful family on TV, best show I’ve watched in a very long time, bless you all.”

“Love this show!👍😍👌💖 These girls are a gift from god🙌🎁💖”

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