Award-Winning Birth Photos That Show The Magic Of Labor And Delivery

Birth is a beautiful, fleeting moment in time. You get to capture your stunning moments for all time.

1. The emotions captured in the winning photo are very intense

Carrying a rainbow baby is an emotional task intermingled with fear, excitement, and joy. As a mother who experienced a miscarriage and a midwife who has ushered many rainbow babies earthside, I am blown away by the clear documentation of this moment of elation.

The birth energy of this family is positively electric, and the emotion is palpable.

The tender way they hold new baby’s hand shows the first steps in a lifetime journey of love. This photograph is the perfectly chosen winner of the competition.

2. The intimate moment when the baby is released from the amniotic sac to meet his mother

Tough, transparent amniotic sacs protect babies in the womb, and this little one is no exception.

You can clearly see the outline of the bag of water entwined in mom’s fingers as she cuddles babe for the first time with a juicy umbilical cord.

Few mothers get a close-up of their baby’s quarters for the last nine months- what a special photo to treasure.

3. When everyone helps the little one come into this world


This beautiful image is photographic evidence of what a supportive team by which this fierce mama is surrounded.

Create your safe space during your birth and surround yourself with people who will protect it!

4. This family enjoys a peaceful, happy moment together

There’s something so intimate about a forehead kiss, particularly while their baby is comfortably latched on.

This photograph captures a sweet family moment as they bond together and settle into their new normal.

5. A victorious end for this mother’s pregnancy journey

6. An adorable moment when two brothers meet their new sibling

7. This adorable cuddling baby moment

8. All the support that a mother giving birth needs

Midwife literally means “with woman” and during your labor and birth, we strive to be everything we can to support you.

9. Peaceful moments after struggles

Moments of happiness
10. The love and admiration on this dad’s face


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