Ayrshire’s Biggest Home Birth Baby Is Born As Mum Tells Of ‘Oh My God’ Reaction

Ruth Harvey, 36, and partner Eddie Gillan, 44, welcomed daughter Tabitha into world on Tuesday, February 28 at their home in Dundonald.

Baby Tabitha weighed in at a whopping 12lbs 9oz, with NHS Ayrshire & Arran’s home birthing team crowning her Ayrshire’s biggest home birth baby.

Mum Ruth, an assistant service manager for a family support service in Glasgow, told Ayrshire Live: “When they weighed her we were like ‘oh my god!’

“They had said that she would be a bigger baby but I mean 12lbs 9oz is ridiculous really.

Ruth and Eddie, who share four kids together, have praised the “phenomenal service” from NHSA&A home birthing unit, as they look to encourage more women to consider a home birth – which NHS chiefs say have continued to increase since the introduction of the team in May 2019.

Baby Tabitha was born at home weighing 12lbs 9oz

Partner Eddie set up the living room with a birthing pool and fairy lights, making it “all beautiful” for Tabitha’s arrival, with the midwives arriving in the early hours to support Ruth through labour.

Ruth said: “The midwives arrived at 2.30am in the morning and just let labour happen in the water.

Mum Ruth in the birthing pool in her living room surrounded by fairy lights

“Things got a bit more serious and I started to push and Tabitha was born in the birthing pool in our living room at 9.30am on the Tuesday morning.

Everyone was just so happy for you – it was like a party.

“Having those women there alongside me and Eddie, who we already knew and trusted, just made everything so much easier.

Tabitha with mum Ruth

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