Babies born to identical twin parents are cousins

Babies Born to Identical Twin Parents Are Cousins — and Genetic Siblings Too

Two babies in Virginia are going viral because they’re cousins . . . and also twin BROTHERS. They’ve got the same DNA, because both sets of parents are IDENTICAL TWINS. Their moms are identical and married two identical twin brothers. So in addition to being cousins, the two babies are also “genetic brothers”. If they took a DNA test, it would say they’re siblings, even though they’re not. Their parents met in 2017 at a festival for twins, and got married a year later. Now they all live together in the same house.
Identical twins Briana and Brittany, 35, who married identical twins Josh and Jeremy Salyers, are parents to Jett, who turned 1 in January, and Jax, who will turn 1 in April. Photo: The Salyers Twins.

If twin brothers marry twin sisters and both couples have babies, what does that make their offspring? Cousins? Siblings? Both? It’s a bit of a brain tickler, for sure, and one that’s playing out in the United States.

When Briana and Brittany Salyers met male twins Josh and Jeremy Salyers in 2018, they said it felt like the men had “just walked out of our twin dreams.” The girls fell for the boys, were proposed to side-by-side, and returned to the Twin Days Festival the following year to be married in a joint wedding.

Fast-forward a few years, and the sisters each had a baby — albeit three months apart. (Not everything can be totally in sync!)

Identical twins Briana and Brittany, 35, married identical twins Josh and Jeremy Salyers, 37, had a double wedding and invited close friends and family members who are also twins. Photo: The Salyers Twins

“You’ve heard the term Irish twins and you’ve heard identical twins and fraternal twins,” Briana Salyers told NBC’s Today. “But we have quaternary twins.”

Quaternary twins are defined as the offspring born less than nine months apart to two sets of identical siblings. They don’t share a womb, or even a parent, but the DNA they inherit from their twin parents makes them not only cousins, but genetic brothers.

The couples, who share a joint Instagram page, posted the interesting scientific fact alongside a photo of their babies. There’s no denying that Jax and Jett share a resemblance.

Now both families share a home, a business and, judging by their Instagram account, a wardrobe. Everyone dresses identically to their identical sibling all the time.

“We get asked if we’re twins every day of our lives; we do everything together,” Jeremy told the Smith Mountain Eagle last year. “It’s rare for us not to do even the smallest thing together, like going to the grocery store. We’ve done it that way our whole lives. The girls are the same way. So it was only natural for us to move in together after we were married.”

The couples have also become stars on TLC’s reality show Extreme Sisters.

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