Babies With Teeth Is The Most Horrifyingly Funny Thing You’ll See This Year

Is there a word for something that is simultaneously horrifying, and funny? Because I need to know what it is, stat. Perhaps, hilarifying.

‘Babies With Teeth’ is a photo project with its very own Facebook page that unnerves and prompts laughs. Mum and family photographer Ashley Evans, who hails from Texas USA, started it all when she superimposed adult teeth on her two-month-old son using FaceApp.

She found the results so hilarious she found a picture of her daughter as a baby, did the same, and posted the photos to a private Facebook group. Ashley was soon swamped with requests from the other mums in the group to do the same to pictures of their babies, and so a movement was formed.

Babies With Teeth now has more than 2,000 followers, despite being reasonably new, and you’ll find more than 120 photos of little babies sporting adult teeth. Each baby is given a name and an age and a funny caption.

Ashley told D IY Photography, that while she never have predicted it would blow up like it did, “I like that it makes everyone laugh. I think it would be cool to start selling mugs, cards, calendars, etc. and use the money to help fund dental treatment for people who can’t afford it. I definitely don’t want to profit from it. I keep it going because it seems like a lot of people think it’s funny and I think it’s important to laugh.”
The overwhelmingly positive reactions have come thick and fast, however not everyone is a fan… namely her husband.

She continued, “Everyone loves Babies With Teeth! I haven’t had any bad reactions at all. I think it’s something that’s so weird yet so funny. It’s hard to not look at it and it makes everyone laugh because it’s so unusual. Plus, babies are cute and everyone loves babies. EVERYONE wants me to put teeth on their babies. My husband is annoyed with it.”

Make sure you check out the full album over at Babies With Teeth. I don’t know about you, but in my head at least, these babies have become their captions.

Ashley says she does still sometimes use the app on some images, but much of the time she loads them into Photoshop. The lighting and position of the babies in a lot of the shots is something the app can’t deal with. And as many of the images submitted are made with mobile phones, they don’t always offer the best starting point. So, Photoshop offers more control to help things match.

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