Baby Born With Full Head Of Blond Hair So That His Parents Are Stopped In The Street By Strangers

When Tatiana Doronina and husband Ruslan found out they were expecting a baby, they thought he’d have dark hair like them both.

But their son David is three months old and actually has long floppy blond.

Now his parents are stopped in the street by strangers who comment on his looks.

‘People make the comparison to Boris the minute they see him.’

David was born weighing 9lbs 10oz and as soon as his parents saw him, they were struck by the amount of hair he had.

Tatiana, 35, added: ‘I thought he was so big but then I saw his hair and said ‘what?’, ‘how can his hair be so light?’

‘It was only after he was washed I realised just how much hair he had.

His parents met in the UK and now live in Surrey after a whirlwind romance, with Ruslan proposing three months after they met and their wedding just three months later.

They both have dark hair so weren’t expecting David to be blond – even though Tatiana had actually had a dream about it.

His hair is such a beautiful colour though and he has such long eyelashes.

‘I wish I had his hair, it is an amazing colour and so thick.

‘I was 100% sure he would be dark-haired, I just can’t believe my son is blond.

‘I know his thick, long hair comes from me because my hair was long and thick as a baby too.’

Although his hair is already long at three months old, the new parents have no plan to cut it soon.

‘I hope his hair makes him stand out, I would like him to join a baby modelling agency and see where this adventure takes us.’ She said.

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