Baby Quadruplets Dress As Luke, Leia, And Even Darth Vader For Star Wars-Themed Photo Shoot

A group of quadruplets embraced both the light side and the dark side in an adorable Star Wars themed photo shoot.

The Szafranski quadruplets from Arizona have taken the internet by storm after their newborn photo shoot was shared by their sci-fi loving parents, Kylie and Phil, who dressed their four kids as Jedi and members of the Empire.

Adorable quadruplets dressed up as Jedi in a Star Wars photo shoot with baby girl Emery dressed as Leia and her three brothers dressed as Yoda, Han Solo, and Luke Skywalker

Emery, Damon, Gideon and Theo, who are all nine months old, wore two sets of costumes for the shoot

Kylie reached out to her friend and photographer Lizzy McMillan from Momento Studios, who took the photos for the couple.

While Kylie initially wanted them dressed as Jedi — the good guys — their father Phil admitted that he’s more of a fan of the bag guys.

The Szafranski quads from Arizona also dressed as Darth Vader and stormtroopers

For the first shot, the three male babies were dressed as Yoda, Han Solo, and Luke Skywalker. Yoda has a crocheted green hat with ears and a green lightsaber, and Luke has a green lightsaber as well.

The only little girl, Emery, was dressed in white as Princess Leia, with a brown wig styled like the character’s hair.

Emery, Damon, Gideon, and Theo are quadruplets – one girl and three boys

In the dark side photo, Emery once again stood out and was dressed as Darth Vader, wearing the only black onesie with a black helmet and red lightsaber.

Her brothers dressed as stormtroopers in white onesies.

All four of the adorable quads posed with their older sister Riley, 3, for their Christmas photo shoot this year

The photographer, Lizzy, said that she found all of the props they needed for the shoot. That included cool backdrops to lay the babies on, as well as getting the Darth Vader and stormtrooper accessories from Build-A-Bear.

The family-of-seven celebrated their first Christmas together

Kylie said about all of the support they’ve been getting since the photos have gone viral, saying, ‘I love how much everyone loves our goofy newborn photos.’

The adorable family just spent their first Christmas together as a group of seven including, the quadruplets and their older three-year-old sister Ryan.

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