Be Able to Breastfeed Twins ? Never Did I Think I Would

Breastfeeding is the dream of many mothers. And this will be difficult for many mothers with twins or more because the amount of milk for the babies will have to be doubled for other mothers. Let’s see the sharing of twin mothers on this issue!

Breastfeeding is something I’ve always wanted to do from the first time I found out I was pregnant. I truly believe fed is best whether from a breast or bottle.

355 days of nursing my girls, exclusively and tandem. Never did I think I would be able to breastfeed twins but here we are- almost 12 months later and counting.

The girls birthday is looming and I don’t know how long we will continue, we’ll make that decision together; but what I do know is it’s taken a lot of dedication, patience and perserverence but we’ve made it this far and still going strong.⁠

I am so proud, amazed and thankful my body was able to carry, deliver and provide for 3 babies. The sleepless nights, clusterfeeding, only being away from them for more than 3 hours maybe a handful of times in the last year; it’s all been a sacrifice but it’s been so worth it. I wouldn’t change any of it for the world. ⁠

It’s getting more difficult now as the girls are getting bigger. They are starting to crawl, climb and poke each other while feeding but then there are those moments where they grab each other’s hand or something makes the two of them laugh and they look at each other and smile and it’s a moment the three of us share that my heart can barely handle.

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