Couple Ring In The New Year By Welcoming Triplet Boys After Midnight On Jan. 1

Arzo, 30, delivered the three boys via caesarean section — Azam and Azeem are identical, and Akbar is a fraternal triplet — at 34 weeks and three days on Jan. 1

Azam, five pounds and six ounces, was born at 12:50 a.m.; Azeem, four pounds and six ounces at 12:52 a.m.; and Akbar, five pounds and four ounces at 12:54 a.m.

“We were originally scheduled for Jan. 12, so this was a big surprise for both of us and the family. We were very happy to have them on New Year’s,” Maywandi said.

“We’re lucky that the kids were born healthy,” Arzo added.

“When we originally went for the first ultrasound, we knew she was pregnant, but when we went there they told us, ‘You’re having twins,’” Maywandi, 42, said.

She was told there was a third heartbeat, and that she was actually expecting triplets.

The couple was happy because “kids are a blessing,” but there were concerns.

The couple also have a four-year-old girl, Sana, and two-year-old boy, Omar.

And the family is no stranger to twins.

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