Couple Stranded In US For 5 Months With Premature Baby Fighting For Life Finally Return Home

A couple  stranded in the US with their premature baby fighting for her life are all smiles after returning home with their daughter thriving.

Holidaymakers Yeridiana Chazares, 29, and Louis Borrill, 22, were told Lily had only a ten per cent chance of surviving after being born a month early in Baltimore weighing just 1lb 11oz.

She needed round-the-clock care and was resuscitated nine times.

An online appeal helped the family cover £23,000 medical bills.

But after five months away from home they have just celebrated her first birthday in Scunthorpe, North Lincs.

Yeridiana said: “It was a celebration of her strength.

“We kept thinking ‘Wow you did it Lily, you really made it.’

“She continues to amaze us and we feel so grateful to have her home happy and healthy.”

The Proud mum added: “She is doing really great now, she is fully off oxygen and she has learnt to crawl.

“She is working on holding herself up.”

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