Couple Welcomes 2 Sets Of ‘Rare’ Twins 14 Months Apart

Britney Alba remembers the day she and her husband, Frankie Alba, received the news they were expecting twins. It had only been six months since they had welcomed their twin sons.

“Frankie and I were not trying but it just happened. We just found out we were pregnant … so we go and get our ultrasound,” “And Frankie was like, ‘Are you sure it’s not two?’  ‘Let me check one more time.’ And she checked again and sure enough, there was a second heartbeat.”

“I was definitely in shock,” Frankie Alba, 25, recalled. “But I was excited at the same time. They’re definitely a blessing.”

The Albas said twins don’t run in either of their families and for them to expect twins twice was astonishing.

“I would have never guessed in a million years that I would have one set of twins, much less a second set,” Britney Alba, 27, added. “So we were super excited. Super excited. But it was like a laughing-and-crying-at-the-same-time moment.”

The Albas’ first set of twins – Luka and Levi – were monochorionic-diamniotic (MoDi) identical twins, meaning they shared the same placenta but separate amniotic sacs. But their second set of twins – Lydia and Lynlee – turned out to be monoamniotic-monochorionic (MoMo) identical twins. The girls ended up sharing both the same placenta and amniotic sac.

“Life has definitely changed dramatically and very quickly but it’s a huge blessing for us and we are just looking forward to what the future holds with these babies because they’re special,” Frankie Alba added. “We can’t see life without our babies.”

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