Couple Who Spent £40,000 On Fertility Treatment Welcome Miracle Triplets After Grandparents Funded Last IVF Attempt

A couple who spent their life savings on five failed rounds of fertility treatment have had triplets after her parents funded one last attempt.

Desperate Niamh and Jeff Quinlan, both 37, had given up hope of having their own children after paying more than £40,000 for the unsuccessful IVF.

Niamh’s dad and step mum were so devastated to see the couple struggle to become parents that they gave them the cash to fund one final fertility cycle.

The treatment certainly worked – because the couple ended up with not one but three children.

But they now have three baby girls — Molly, Chloe and Megan — all born prematurely but now thriving at the family’s home in Dublin.

Niamh said: “When my dad called me at work and said he’d put £7,000 in my account I burst into tears at my desk.

“Even then I felt it was probably money down the drain. So I was shocked to find I was pregnant with three babies.

Michael said: “There is so much love in that household, it feels wonderful to go and be surrounded with such happiness.

“My granddaughters are wonderful babies, we were so excited to be reunited with them.”

Niamh added: “I can’t thank my dad enough for what he did for us.

“It will be wonderful to tell the girls their special story when they grow up.”

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