Family-Of-Three Become An Internet Sensation After Sharing Pictures Of Their Adventures

A family-of-three who all have dwarfism have become an internet sensation thanks to the heart-warming photos they share online.

Charli Worgan, 27 – who is just 4ft 2in – decided to set up an Instagram account to document their adventures in 2013.

After marrying her husband, Cullen Adams – who slightly taller at 4ft 6in – and welcoming their first child, Tilba, they’ve been inundated with comments online – most of them positive.

Despite being subjected to online bullies, the couple have continued to post daily pictures of them enjoying themselves to show that they refuse to allow their dwarfism to hold them back.

Ms Worgan is currently pregnant with her second child. The couple admit there are risks to them having children – including fatality – and their new addition could develop respiratory problems.

Ms Worgan, from Sydney, Australia, said: ‘We might all have dwarfism but our lives are full of fun and happiness.

‘Everyone loves seeing family photos of us and we always receive such lovely comments from most people,’ she said.

‘We do get some negative people but when you put yourself out there you do half expect it.

The couple tied the knot after meeting at a World Dwarf Games team Australia training camp in 2012.

Ms Worgan fell pregnant with Tilba without even trying – but then they faced an  anxious wait for genetic test results to see if their baby would be.

She has achondroplasia, the most common type of dwarfism. Her husband, 38, has geleophysic dysplasia, a rarer form which can cause more health complications.

Doctors have told them their children have four potential outcomes: a baby could have her type of dwarfism, his form, it could have been average-sized or if it had both forms of dwarfism this could prove fatal.

It was good news – Tilba has achondroplasia, like Ms Worgan’s mother and brother (her father is average-sized).

Medics warned she could have spinal issues, but otherwise should live a healthy life.

Ms Worgan explained: ‘Our children could have inherited both forms which generally results in a fatal outcome. We had genetic testing done in early pregnancy so we could find this out.

Charli Worgan and Cullen Adams pictured with their two-year-old daughter Tilba

‘We also had a one in four chance of having an average height baby or it having mine or Cullen’s type of dwarfism.

‘Our next baby, which we don’t yet know the sex of, will have Cullen’s type, which can carry more respiratory problems whereas mine is more skeletal.’

‘We both have parents who have a no excuse policy, yet have always been supportive and we’ve never allowed our dwarfism to be an excuse for not doing well.

‘My dad is of average height but my mum is short, I wasn’t formally diagnosed with dwarfism until 2015 when I was pregnant with Tilba.

‘Before this we knew I had dwarfism but not exactly what type.

‘Cullen owns his own business, I work for a major telco and we’re about to celebrate the birth of our second baby, life couldn’t be better.

‘I have just started my maternity leave and our baby will be born via caesarean.

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