From The Three Stone Twins To A Two-Foot-Tall Newborn We Reveal The Biggest Ever Babies And They’re Seriously Cute

Cherral Mitchell, 31, from Thame, Oxfordshire, needed two midwives to haul out big Alpha as he weighed a whopping 14lb 15oz when he was born on October 28.

He’s since been nicknamed ‘Baby Hippo’ and ‘Butter Bean’ due to his colossal size.

Two foot tall Zagrys

Amy Smit, 27, from Cheddington, Buckinghamshire, admits that her first reaction when she saw her 12lbs 9oz baby boy was “bloody hell.”

The tot required two midwives to pull him out and was already two foot tall when he arrived.

“We knew he was going to be a tall baby, because all the scans showed he was quite long, and both Zac and I are around the six-foot mark,” Amy said. “But we had no idea he would be that big.”

The tot mistaken for twins

First time mum Amber Cumberland, 21, from Oxfordshire, gave birth to her daughter Emilia on April 16, weighing a whopping 12lb 14oz.

Baby Emilia created such a big bump during pregnancy that doctors weren’t sure if there would be a surprise second baby in labour.

But instead, she is believed to be the second biggest baby girl ever born in the UK after the 2012 record breaker at 14lbs 4oz.

Again a second midwife was needed to free baby Emilia, and Amber was left with just a few options when it came to her clothes as none of her newborn outfits fit.

Toddler-sized tot

Sabrina’s TikTok video went viral when she revealed that she gave birth to a baby boy weighing almost 15lbs.

Speaking in the video she said: “In 2015 I had my firstborn son.

“After about 25 hours of labour it was time to push, four and a half hours later of pushing, midwife says ‘you know I think we might be having kind of a bigger baby here maybe 9 or 10lbs.’

Sabrina explains that they were unable to get the baby out by vacuum suction, and she was forced to have a caesarean.

“C-section came, and out came my toddler, 14lbs 7 ounces,” Sabrina says.

In the UK, the average weight of a newborn is 7lb 8oz making her son almost double the weight of a newborn.

Too big for his nappies

Parents Cary and Tim Patonai knew they were expecting an unusually big baby when doctors predicted he would weigh around 13.8lbs when he was born.

But Finnley was 14lbs 1oz when he was born – nearly double that of the average weight of a newborn.

The baby was the biggest that Cary’s doctor has ever delivered in 27 years of practice.

Banner Thunderbird Medical Center only carried nappies for newborns – but Finnley is already a size two, so they had to put in a special order for his size.

And the Patonais’ family had to rush out for baby clothes in size six to nine months.

The 21lb twins

Alexis LaRue is a 5’3”, and has earned the nickname ‘tiny mom’ thanks to her bumper sized babies.

The Minesotta mum her seven-month-old daughters, Elena and Camila, who weigh nearly 21 pounds each.

They are also in the 98th percentile for height.

She often posts funny videos of herself holding Elena and Camila who look huge next to her small frame.

Alexis said that Elena and Camila were both born weighing six pounds and seven ounces but have since tripled in size, telling Today: “What can I say? They’re fast growers!”

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