Great Raw Pics Of Mothers Helping Daughters Give Birth

Behind every girl there are loving mothers.
The photos come from the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers and they document every step of the process including labor, delivery and post-birth.

“This woman is a single mom by choice (her baby has a donor-dad), and her 81-year-old mother stood by her throughout the whole process, from becoming pregnant until childbirth. This is their ultimate moment.”
“The mother (grandmother) supports her daughter as she begins to push.”
“She was showing so much concern for her laboring daughter. It was incredibly touching and had me tearing up.”
“Pure joy.”


“Dad was feeling a bit queasy, so this brand-new grandmother was overjoyed to have the honor of cutting her grandson’s umbilical cord.”


“First time mother and first time grandmother. Very strong, beautiful and pure expression of proudness.”
“This one brings tears to my eyes. Such a loving mom and dad!”
“This mother is holding her daughter as she holds her new baby for the very first time.”
“After all the strength and endurance she gave to her daughter while she labored all night long, it was all over. She falls back and completely lets go and is overcome with emotion. And I can hardly keep my camera still.”


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