How To Help Your Baby Sleep Through The Night

Of course, all babies are different, and some sleep better than others. However, there are a few things you can do to help your baby sleep better and, dare we say, all the way through the night!

The post give the tips help you.  From following a consistent bedtime routine to using a dummy, using these tips on how to make a baby sleep at night can help to make your baby more comfortable for better sleep results.

What’s Causing Your Baby Not to Sleep ?


Before you even consider implementing new ways to make a baby sleep at night, you must ensure that your baby is in good health and that there aren’t any health reasons why he or she may be struggling with sleep.

Also, it’s important to note that newborn babies are still reliant on milk alone and will wake up during the night to be fed. Weaning onto food should only be done when the baby is ready which can vary from between 12– 20 weeks of age. Sleeping through the night is only an expectation for babies from around 12 – 15 weeks.

Once you’ve established that your baby is happy, healthy, and ready to begin using these tips to help them sleep through the night, there are a few factors that could be causing them to wake frequently at night.

    • Discomfort – Comfortable clothing can help a baby feel cosy and secure, promoting better sleep. Tight, restrictive, or itchy clothing can be uncomfortable and cause a baby to wake up more frequently.
    • Hunger – being hungry is one of the main reasons why babies wake up at night. Is your child getting a sufficient amount of food and milk at night to sustain them all night long?
    • Teething – when your baby teethes it can be extremely painful and this can wake them up at night.
    • Temperature – being too hot or too cold can be the reason why they are waking up at night as well.
    • Noise – loud noises or a noisy sleep environment can be the reason why a baby wakes up frequently too.

Tips to Help Your Baby Sleep Through The Night


The room the baby is sleeping in needs to be conducive to sleep. This means that it should be dark (ideally with black-out curtaining), have white noise in, be at a cool temperature (experts recommend between 18 – 20 degrees Celsius) and have a comforting smell present.


By following a consistent and calming bedtime routine every night, you are letting the baby know that it’s time to go to sleep. Babies and toddler love routine, and when they get the same routine at night – for example supper time, bath time, storytime, and sleep time – then their little brains feel relaxed and comfortable enough to go to sleep calmly.


Sleep experts all recommend following this tip in order to teach your baby how to soothe themselves to sleep on their own. When you put them down drowsy but awake, it allows their brains to fall asleep naturally on their own, which gives them tools on how to put themselves to sleep at night when they wake up too.


Dummies are a wonderful soothing tool that babies need to help comfort and calm them.


When all else fails, follow your instincts. As a mother or father, you absolutely know what’s best for your baby and you instinctively know what your baby needs.

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