How Will Mothers Share When Pregnant With Twins ?

How Will Mothers Share When Pregnant With Twins  ?

Let’s listen to the sharing of a mother with twins !

Carrying two babies can be magical.

So to any mamas-to-be of multiples, here are some things to cling to during the scary, stressful, uncomfortable months of being pregnant with twins. Remember: You are strong, and those babies were always meant to be for you. You can do this.

1. There are three hearts beating inside of you

And that is just amazing. You are creating life — not one, but two at a time. Don’t let the miracle of that ever wear away. As hard as it is, a twin pregnancy gets more mind-blowing the closer and closer you get to meeting your babies. It took me a while to fully embrace and see this miracle, but I hope you can see it when you’re ready too.

2. You get to see your babies quite often

Although there is added worry and stress that comes with a high-risk pregnancy, you do get to see your babies more often. Monthly ultrasounds, at the minimum, are pretty routine, and it never gets old seeing them move together in there — snuggling and kicking each other.

3. You get random waves of feeling like a total badass.

You’re living with two lives growing inside of you, and you’re doing something that only about 3% of women experience.

4. People’s responses (even strangers) to a twin pregnancy are awesome.

It’s also great running into twin moms — it seems like they’re everywhere once you are pregnant with twins. That instant connection is comforting, and you can see that they survived the pregnancy and newborn stage too.

5. You don’t have to choose just one name on your list. 

You can use both. Win-win!

6. You get to announce your pregnancy news TWICE

We told our immediate family the news that I was pregnant when we were just six weeks along.

A few weeks later, we got to surprise everyone again after we found out there were two in there during our eight-week ultrasound. Priceless.



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