I Fell Pregnant With Twins Just 3 Months After Giving Birth

Taelyn’s third child was only three months old, so needless to say when the young mum was discovered she was pregnant again, she was utterly gobsmacked.

But her story gets even crazier. Taelyn had her first ultrasound appointment and learned that she was having twins.

And there were four sacks, although the ultrasound technician thought the empty sacks would stay empty.

Now she’s had her twins, the 26-year-old shares regular updates to TikTok of life with five children.

In one video, she shared the moment she discovered she was pregnant.

“What do you think that means?” Taelyn asked her five-year-old daughter, Sutton, pointing to a positive pregnancy test sitting on the bathroom counter.

“You’re having a baby!” Sutton responded. As the big sister of two at the time (and now four) Sutton has seen a few positive pregnancy tests in her day.

“I can’t believe it!” the young girl exclaimed. “My mum’s having a baby!!”

“I fell pregnant with twins three months after giving birth”

“OMG, there’s two babies in there,” she said to the camera after the appointment, taking a deep breath.

“WHAT. Look at that,” she continued, holding up the ultrasound.

“It gets even crazier,” she said. “There were four sacks. Four. But they can only find two babies. And they think the empty sacks are going to stay empty. OMG they better stay empty.”

“I filmed telling my husband I’m pregnant with twins 3 months postpartum”

Then it was time to tell her husband… she filmed his reaction as he sat in a chair, rocking their grizzly three-month-old.

“There’s two babies in there,” Taelyn told him.

“No. No,” was all he could manage.

Taelyn welcomed the twins in July, and is now mum to five-year-old Sutton, two-year-old Callum, one-year-old Morrow and the twins, Fifer and Winslow.

Her TikTok is now filled with videos of cluster feeding twins, pumping for two babies, and responding to followers’ questions.

“If I had a dollar for every time someone told me I’m too young to have children,” she captioned one video, explaining that she’s 26 with five kids.

Her followers understood, as many of them are young mums with big families too.

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