Identical Twins And Gave Birth Two Hours Apart And Their Kids Weren’t Due On The Same Day

These identical twins gave birth two hours apart – despite not being due on the same day.

First-time mums Rachel and Kim Saunders, who are best friends and do everything together, had hoped to raise their babies at the same time and were both due in July.

Identical twins Rachel and Kim Saunders gave birth two hours apart

But amazingly, the sisters went into labour at the same time – giving birth to William “Trip” Saunders Soule on July 8 at 11.27pm and Crew Philip Crawford on July 9 at 1:28am.

Their little lads, now six months, are already best friends but will have separate birthdays – as they were born overnight.

The twins, from Minnesota, USA, now have 282,000 followers on TikTok and 6.5 million likes – who are all fascinated by their story.

Some have asked if Rachel and Kim’s husbands are also twins – as they look similar – which would make their sons biologically brothers.

They explained their husbands are not twins, while Rachel and Kim didn’t have a joint wedding.

Rachel and Kim have also given an insight into their lives, showing themselves asleep exhausted while raising newborns.

Their boys will grow up together and be the closest of cousins
They are first-time mums to William “Trip” Saunders Soule and Crew Philip Crawford


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