I’m a Mum-of-six Boys and Pregnant, I’m Fed Up With Being Asked How I Afford My Kids AND Presuming I’m Trying For A Girl

Boy mom extraordinaire, Ariel Tyson, is pregnant with baby #7. Who wants to make a bet that this pregnancy’s with be focused on if she keeps her title as #boymom. Having a lot of children is not for everyone, but for this couple. Ariel Tyson, one of five children from Boseman, Montana, and her husband Michael decided early on to raise their children in a busy family. They shares glimpses of their hectic life on Instagram and TikTok where they have a combined following of more than 2.3 million.

I’m a mum-of-six boys and pregnant, I'm fed up with being asked how I afford my kids AND presuming I’m trying for a girl
Ariel Tyson and her husband Michael have six boys and are expecting another child

Pregnant-mum-of-six boys hits back after being accused of ‘giving up her life’ to raise kids – saying ‘I chose this’

The mum-of-six is now expecting her seventh baby (although this is her eighth pregnancy as she sadly lost one child) and welcomed five of her her little boys in just six years. Posting on her Instagram, Ariel, 34, responded to one of the most common criticisms she faces online. Quoting one of her most-hated comments, she wrote: “‘I could never be happy to give up my life to raise seven kids.’ “Good thing you don’t have to and I GET to.” Ariel explained that she is constantly asked about the sex of her baby but more frustratingly than that, she is often asked if she’s disappointed that she doesn’t have any girls. She explained that this can be a hurtful question and suggested an alternative that celebrates the parent instead. She said: “A good response to a mama of all boys or all girls or lots of kids is: ‘Wow amazing!!! Love that you have all these boys/girls/kiddos! What a blessing!'”

In a message Ariel penned to her unborn child, she said: “No matter if you’re a girl or a boy, because sadly, that also seems to determine your value to many, you will have a special place in our family for your entire life.”

The family often post updates about each of their children’s births

I’m a mum-of-six boys and pregnant, I’m sick of people asking how I afford my kids AND presuming I’m trying for a girl.

The mum also shared that trolls also blame her for overpopulation, and joke that she doesn’t know how kids are made, or that she has no other hobbies. On a recent video one person said: “Omg I’d worry about money so much with that many children!” While another said: “Are you trying to make your own country?” A third commented: “The eighth baby will just fall right out.”

Ariel said: “Love sharing our story, but think about what the kids hear.”The mum also hit back at the haters, sharing that she’s managed to write two books, earn her masters degree and started three business all while raising her kids and being pregnant. It’s not the first time the former college professor has hit back at trolls.

Some people poked fun at the fact it took seven tries to have a baby girl, while others simply said that she is destroying her body by having so many kids. However she previously said in a YouTube video: “We have not had six kids just to have a girl. She previously responded to harsh comments, writing to her 884k Instagram followers: “We all have our own choices. For me, I didn’t give up, I only gained! “I’ve been grateful to accomplish a lot of dreams I’ve had, but this season of my life is 🙌”

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