Incredibly Intimate Portraits Capture Parents Meeting Their Babies For The Very First Time

Hearing your baby’s first cry, holding the tiny fingers in your hand and cradling the soft bundle can be an overwhelming experience – nature’s great reward for a woman’s suffering.

These intimate portraits of mothers and fathers meeting their new-born sons and daughters for very first time offer an intimate look at the forging of an unbreakable, sacred lifelong bond.

Finally, with the primal agony of birth behind them, the mothers’ faces are glowing with boundless happiness at having been a part of a real-life miracle.

The first moment your baby meets the outside world
This precious bundle cradle by his mothetr was brought into the world via a water birth
After the delivery, this mother appears to be overcome with the feeling of having experienced a miracle
Adam, only a minute after his birth. After the dad cut the umbilical cord, Adam somehow managed to grab on to the attached clamp
Happy tears
Cradling the soft bundle can be an overwhelming an experience – nature’s great reward for the mother’s suffering
The labor pain of the mother
A newborn’s tiny feet sticking out of a swaddling cloth as the baby is being cradled by the mother
Hello Baby

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