Incredibly Moving Photos That Capture The Beauty Of C-Section Births

What do Caesarean births really look like? These stunning images from members of the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers (IAPBP) show just that.

“There is much more to birth photography than the actual moment of birth,” she wrote. “So much more. It’s the birth environment, the light in the room, the details, the comings and goings of those who are there. It’s mom holding on to dad in pain, the doula offering a supportive hand, the midwife making suggestions for pain relief and the OB preparing and helping mom push. It’s the baby placed on moms chest for the first time, the tears of joy, pure adrenaline, the cutting of the cord and babies little toes and fingers. It’s the first time a sibling meets a new baby brother or sister with a look of wonder and apprehension. It’s all of those things put together. It’s the journey of a birth day. It’s the making of a family. It’s special. And if a family chooses so, it deserves to be captured.”

As these photos show, Caesarean births are absolutely powerful, moving experiences, whether or not the procedure was the mother’s first choice.

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