Little Boy Breaks Down In Tears As He Carries Baby Sister For The First Time

This video is the sweetest thing you will see all day. A little boy crying tears of joy while carrying his new baby sister in his arms is so wholesome and beautiful to see.

In a video, we see the little boy holding his new sister in his arms as he gazes into her tiny face. Without seeming to notice, he begins to weep, silently wiping the tears away with his arm without ever looking away from the infant.
His parents tell him he can talk to her, but she won’t talk back, and he seems delighted to know she can actually hear him. Veteran older siblings will warn him to enjoy these days before she learns to talk, but that’s not important right now.
This little boy clearly has a heart of gold! Check out the video below to see why we think he’ll be an excellent big brother, and don’t forget to share.

People were quick to appreciate this video with one social media user writing, “Beautiful. A little human being in its purest form. Mankind. Our essence is love. Let us all learn from this heart-warming video. We all were young. We all were pure. Sometimes growing up in this cold world. We have to stop and ask ourselves “What happened?”. Let us bring back the little us in us. And love each other. Thanks for sharing.”

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