Meet The Baby Whose Amazing Hair Is So Huge

Little baby Boston may only be four-months-old, but he’s already got a barnet some grown men can only dream of.

So impressive is his hair, that mum-of-two Tara Simich, from Perth, Australia, reveals it “stops people in their tracks”.

Boston’s fabulous ‘do has been described as “hair goals” by one of his many admirers on social media.

“My god this kids hair is bloody amazing!!” remarked another fan.

His mum, who runs a fitness program also revealed that Boston made his debut into the world already sporting his signature quiff.

Not only that, but he weighed a very respectable 8lbs 3oz.

In a post announcing his birth, she wrote: “He has hair exactly like his dad’s.

Since his December 5 birthday, Boston’s hair has only gone from strength to strength.

Babies often lose their newborn hair around the six month mark. This hair loss even has a technical term, “telogen effluvium”.

But it doesn’t seem as if Boston needs to worry about this…

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