Meet Triplets That Are So Identical That Mom Has To Paint Her Fingernails On Her Big Toe To Tell Them Apart

Giving birth is always a special thing for women. More specifically, natural twins and triplets. And especially, they are so similar that the parents can hardly tell them apart. Meet triplets who are so identical that mom has to paint her fingernails on her big toe to tell them apart .

Meet the adorable triplets Jorgie, Belle and OliviaCredit: Wales News Service

Mum Sian Williams, 31, was already excited to find out she was expecting her first child with partner Aaron Palfrey, 26.

But she was amazed when the scan revealed her phenomenally rare triplets, born by Caesarean section just over a year ago.

Doctors told the couple that the odds of conceiving triplets naturally was one in 200million.

First to arrive was 2lb 14oz Jorgie, followed Belle and Olivia, both at 3lb 2oz.

Sian, of Cwmbran, South Wales, said: “I was excited to be having one baby, but in the scan the doctor picked up two heart beats and then a third one. One little egg had created three miracles.

Sian now color codes nail varnish on their big toes to tell them apart.

Jorgie has purple, Belle has pink and Olivia has yellow.

She now says her triplets, who have just celebrated their first birthday, have brought joy back into their lives.

Proud parents Sian and Aaron said the triplets have ‘brought joy back’ into their

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