Miracles Change Everything And Love Returns To The Family A Year After The Accident That Lost Their 3 Children

Their life turned into a tragedy after a horrible car accident. But they decided to keep on fighting. Just one year later, something wonderful happens that once again fills their lives with love.

When Chris and Lori faced the indescribable pain of losing their three beautiful children – they thought it was never going to be possible to feel anything but endless pain and heartache. But then something extraordinary happened – this story will give you goosebumps.

It is the stuff of nightmares. Just one day after her son Kyle’s 5th birthday, Lori Coble was waiting in traffic in the family’s minivan with Kyle, his sister’s Emma – 4 and Katie – 2, as well as Lori’s mum Cindy when a 20 tonne truck travelling at nearly 90km an hour slammed into the back of their van.

The horrific and brutal accident took the lives of her three beautiful children, forcing Lori, along with her husband Chris into an unimaginable future of grief and despair.

And they decided something else as well. Three months after the accident they made the choice to try to have more kids. Since the accident they had described themselves as parents without children. It was time for a change. For medical reasons they tried in vitro fertilization. And even though they decided they just wanted one kid, Lori got pregnant with triplets: two girls and one boy. Just like Emma, Katie and Kyle.

One year after the accident, when they lost Kyle, Emma and Katie, Lori gave birth to triplets: Ashley, Elie and Jake. ”They’ll never replace Kyle, Emma and Katie. But the joy is back in the house. It’s back in our hearts. They fill our lives again, with love and happiness and laughter”, Lori says.

The triplets are aware they had three siblings before. The pictures of Kyle, Emma and Jake are still on the walls and they visit the cemetery together. Cause in this house there’s not just three kids… there’s six. Kyle, Emma and Katie will never be forgotten.

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