Mom Finds Out She’s Pregnant – Weeks Into Pregnancy, Gets Pregnant Again With Twins – And Welcomes Triplets

Deonna “Dee” Fletcher knew that she was pregnant — she just didn’t know she was expecting triplets.

Although Dee and her husband Antonio “T” Livingston were planning their first pregnancy together, they were not prepared to naturally conceive triplets. “I took a test and it was positive, went to the ultrasound and there was one baby, one sac.” Dee said.

“My ultrasound, it was a vaginal ultrasound since I was pretty early,” she continues. “So it wasn’t like the other two were missed. It was really just one baby in there, in one sac.”

The mom of four, who documents life with her four kids on Instagram as DeeandTPlusThree, initially thought something was wrong with her pregnancy.


“I think about a week or two later, I was at work and I was just in a lot of pain. I thought I was having a miscarriage, so I went to the ER to get another ultrasound and just to get checked up on, and that’s when they discovered that there were two more babies.”


It turns out that Dee had experienced superfetation — she had gotten pregnant twice in one week, with one of her embryos conceived six days before the other two. “Basically, I ovulated twice, but at two different times,” she explains, adding that the doctors told her it would be possible for her to get pregnant this way again in the future.

“I naturally get my period two to three times a month. And after I found out I was pregnant, I did get another period. I didn’t know I was going to get pregnant again, but I did get pregnant again.”


At the time, the news that Dee was expecting triplets was a little overwhelming for both her and her husband. “Of course, the first baby, he was happy, but [when] he found out it was two [more] babies, he was just really shocked,” she says of her husband’s reaction. “And he just couldn’t believe it. It was just so much to take in at the time.”

Dee says while she was able to make it to 32 weeks, she eventually had a caesarean section to welcome her babies. “I woke up that morning and I was just in a lot of pain. Prior to that, actually, two weeks before that, I started to dilate, so they were watching me even more than they were previously.”

“So that morning when I had woken up, it was just very early. I was in so much pain and I was four centimeters dilated, and they just didn’t want me dilating any further than that. So that’s why we just decided to do our C-section that day. I was only two weeks away from my scheduled C-section, so it wasn’t too bad.”

Dee and her husband welcomed their three girls — Amani, Amber and Dream — on January 18, 2021. The couple also shares 11-month-old son Antonio Junior “A.J.”

After she gave birth to her triplets, Dee shares that she and her husband had a seamless transition to new parenthood. “We cope very well,” she said.

“Honestly our children, they make it so easy on us being new parents. They’re so well-behaved.”

“They really don’t give us any issues. The triplets, they all do the same thing, so it’s pretty easy for the most part. The only issue now is just them getting older and they’re just so active and so hyper, so busy all the time.”

Now that her triplets are 2, Dee is excited to see more of their personalities. “I feel like before, it was a little boring because they were just babies and they would just sit there, not do too much,” she says.


“But now they’re talking, they’re laughing and they’re communicating with us more, and just showing us who they really are. It’s been so amazing to see.”


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