Mom Graduates With Doctorate Degree And Gives Birth Within 24 Hours

Abby Bailiff, a 28-year-old from Thomasville, North Carolina, accomplished two major milestones within a mere 24 hours. Not only did she give birth to her first child, Bodie, but she also received her well-deserved doctorate degree.

Abby’s due date was set for April 27, and as each day passed, she became increasingly anxious about her upcoming graduation ceremony from the UNC Greensboro School of Nursing, scheduled for May 4.

As fate would have it, Abby ended up being induced on May 2 due to concerns about Bodie’s lung development. This unexpected turn of events brought her closer to her graduation date than she had initially planned.

However, Abby’s delivery went smoothly, without any complications. She and her newborn son spent the night in the hospital and were discharged the following day, May 4.

Debating whether to attend her graduation ceremony, Abby contemplated the balance between being a present mother and honoring her academic achievement. But at 1:30 p.m., she made the decision to seize the moment. Encouraged by her sister and mom, Abby got ready to embark on the extraordinary journey.

Less than two hours later, Abby found herself walking into her graduation ceremony, commencing at 3 p.m. Almost exactly 24 hours had passed since Bodie’s birth. While her husband and Bodie watched the ceremony via FaceTime, Abby confidently crossed the stage, proudly completing her doctor of nursing practice program at UNCG.

Reflecting on her experience, Abby described overwhelming feelings of accomplishment and joy as she stood among her peers. She acknowledged the immense dedication she had poured into completing the three-year program while simultaneously working full-time as a registered nurse and managing her pregnancy.

Just two days prior to giving birth, Abby even managed to take and pass her board exam—an impressive testament to her unwavering commitment.

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