Mom Shares Photos Of Her Two Sets Of Twins

When 2 moms brought home their second set of twin babies, they thought it was a fitting occasion for a photoshoot.

Massachusetts-based photographer Juliet Cannici and her wife Nikki are the proud parents of 2 year-old Nico and Siena, and now almost one month-old Gia and Gemma. The older twins weren’t too impressed with taking pictures in fancy costumes, but when the outfits came off, they were all smiles and laughter as they embraced their new baby sisters. One stunning photo captures the moment in all its candid glory.

The older twins, Nico and Siena, weren’t too impressed with taking pictures in fancy costumes

The newborns, Gia and Gemma, didn’t seem to mind

Juliet and Nikki Cannici have opened up to several sources about the challenges they faced while trying to become pregnant

Their second set of twins, however, arrived healthy and happy


“These two were ready for their own time to shine…” The couple captioned this photo


“We are ready to meet you, baby girls” They shared on Facebook just a few days before delivery


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