Mom With Giant Baby Bump Gives Birth To The Heaviest Twins In Scotland

Kaius and Troy Merrie – the heaviest twins born in Scotland. The boys weighed in at 16lb 13oz between them. That’s thought to make them the heaviest newborn twins north of the Border. And both boys are bigger than the average newborn weight – about 7lb 8oz.

Troy was 8lb 12oz and Kaius was 8lb 1oz. Born by Caesarean section at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, their size astonished midwives.

Student doctor Alanna, 33, said: “The staff at the hospital were saying they have never delivered twins this big before.

Alanna’s family have a history of twins. And during her pregnancy, she had regular check-ups which revealed the babies were large.

She said: “All the scans said they were good-sized twins but there was nothing to say that they were that big. It was genuinely quite a surprise.


“I did have a huge bump and strangers kept coming up to ask whether I was going to give birth on the spot as I was that big.”

Troy and Kaius are now at home being doted on by their one-year-old sister Ayla. Alanna said: “The boys are doing great and it is really nice for us all to be back home”.

“They lost a little of their body weight over the first couple of days, which is normal, but they are doing really well. They are quite chilled out and they love a cuddle.”

Shona Finch, acting clinical manager for maternity at NHS Lothian, said: “A combined weight of 16lb 13oz is very unusual and probably the heaviest set of twins we have ever delivered in Lothian.

“Twins can often be smaller when they are born and we were monitoring their growth throughout Alanna’s pregnancy so we knew they were both going to be healthy weights.”


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