Moms Shared Photos Of Their Bodies Right After Giving Birth

Right from the beginning of pregnancy until the birth, raising children, a woman has to trade a lot about her appearance.
Here are photos of mothers after giving birth.

1. “Here I am less than 24 hours after giving birth…”

“…and here I am six days postpartum. It still looks like I have a cute baby bump, but I don’t! It’s big and squishy before your uterus shrinks back. Nothing wrong with squishy, it just feels very different from when you’re actually pregnant.”

2. “The left photos were taken two days before my C-section and the right ones were taken two days after. It felt like they had sewn my stomach to my kneecaps and my boobs were 24/7 milk fountains.”


3.  “This is what six days postpartum versus four months postpartum looks like. I had a C-section with my twins. I’m proud that my body was able to carry them to term, but sometimes it’s hard to not recognize the body I am in.”


“I have endometriosis and had to endure over 10 procedures and surgeries, in addition to countless infertility treatments. In the end, I had my miracle baby and I’m proud of my body!”

5. “Here I am at one week postpartum. I ended up getting PUPPP rash, (an extremely itchy rash on your belly that has no cause or cure) at the very end of my pregnancy, which carried over two weeks after I delivered. Nothing relieved the pain except putting ice on my belly.”


6.  After having two 9-pound baby girls, I realized I could fit my whole hand between the ab muscles near my belly button! I found out I had diastasis recti (ab separation) and started physical therapy six weeks postpartum. I spent a few months taped up, doing low-impact exercises, and learning what I could and could not do.”


“From left to right: 10 days, three months, and six months postpartum. I gained 63 pounds doing IVF to get pregnant. I would do it 100 times over again to have my daughter!”

8 .  “In the left pic I am two weeks postpartum and in the right I am 33 weeks. My body is nowhere near where I was hoping it would be, but it is what it is. Some days I’m OK with it and some days I’m not. But that little boy in my arms is worth every stretch mark and my lifelong baby pouch.”

9. “Top pic is my first and bottom is my second!”


“I love my pregnancy and post-pregnancy body. By no means did I ‘bounce back’ to my pre-pregnancy size. I am just in awe of what my body did.”

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