Mother, 29, Has Two Sets Of Twins Naturally In 14 Months

Most mothers would be shocked to find out they were expecting twins.

But the surprise was more than most for Stacey Wright who gave birth to two sets of twins within 14 months.

The 29-year old was stunned when she discovered she was pregnant with her second set of twins – despite being on the contraceptive pill.

Miss Wright, who lives in Maidstone, Kent, with her partner Peter Podolski, 28, a doorman, first had sons Harry and Oscar in April 2010.

But the following January she was astonished to hear she was pregnant again – with more twins.

And she went on to deliver daughters Annie and Eliza prematurely in June 2011.

The odds of having two sets of twins are 1 in 700,000 – but having two sets so close together is considered highly unusual.

She said: ‘It really was meant to be.


‘To fall pregnant with my second set of twins whilst I was on the contraceptive pill meant that it certainly was fate.

‘To have two sets of twins within 14 months of each other is astounding – and it took a while to sink in.’

Miss Wright had been shocked when she learnt she was expecting her first set of twins, who had been conceived without fertility treatment.

She went for a scan and the sonographer announced that she could see two heart beats.

Miss Wright, a full time mother, said: ‘I wasn’t expecting to be told that I was pregnant with twins. So it was a shock. But once we got over the shock, I was looking forward to having two babies.’

Harry and Oscar arrived into the world naturally, weighing 2Ib 13oz, and 4Ib 7oz, at Maidstone Hospital, at 32 weeks into her pregnancy.

They were in special care for three weeks before being allowed home.

The couple hadn’t been planning on extending their family as Miss Wright was then diagnosed with abnormal pre-cancerous cells in her cervix, and she had to undergo treatment to remove them.

She said: ‘It was scary. I had two baby boys, and I was having to have treatment to stop these cells growing into full blown cancer.’

But then, despite being on the contraceptive pill, Miss Wright discovered she was pregnant in January 2011.

She said: ‘It was a shock as we hadn’t been trying for another baby and I was still on the pill. When I saw the test result showing positive I was in shock and so was Peter.

But when Miss Wright went to the hospital for a scan, the sonographer ran the scanner over her stomach, and told the couple that it was twins again.

Miss Wright said: ‘I was happy, but I burst into tears again. I was so worried about how I was going to cope with two sets of twins, born so close together. There aren’t any sets of twins in either of our families, so we just don’t know where they came from.’

Miss Wright’s pregnancy went smoothly until 25 weeks into her pregnancy when she went into early labour.

Her twins girls Annie and Eliza were born naturally in June 2011 weighing a tiny 1Ib 9oz and 1Ib 8oz.

Doctors gave them steroid injections to try and help develop their lungs before the birth.

She said: ‘I was so terrified when I went into premature labour with the girls. I was only 25 weeks pregnant and I didn’t know whether they would survive.

‘When I saw them lying there afterwards in their incubators, they were so tiny. Their skin was translucent, and they weren’t much bigger than the palm of my hand.

‘It was nice because the nurses looking after them were the same nurses who had looked after my boys when they were born too.’

Eliza had a malformation in one of her veins which meant that she risked having a brain haemorrage, but she was carefully monitored.

The twins gradually got stronger and after three months they were finally allowed home from hospital, weighing 3Ib and 4Ib.

Miss Wright said: ‘They were still tiny when we brought them home, but they are such little fighters and are going from strength to strength.

Miss Wright has to change nappies 16 times a day, she pushes the twins around all together in a four seater buggy, and the family have a seven seater car to get around on family outings.

She added: ‘It is hard work but I love being a mum to two sets of twins. People are always stopping and asking me about them. They can’t believe it when I tell them that both sets of twins were born just 14 months apart.


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