Mother Beats Odds Of 500,000 To One To Give Birth To Third Set Of Twins

For baby sisters Rowan and Isla Rodger, who have just become the third set of twins in their family, it’s double the brotherly love.

The girls, who were born two minutes apart, have Lewis and Kyle, 14, and Finn and Jude, 12, to spoil them – and help them through the trials of being a twin.

Parents Karen and Colin Rodger were told the odds of having three sets of twins were 500,000-1 when they found out they were expecting.

Mrs Rodger found out she was having twins during a scan six weeks into the pregnancy and sent a text message with the news to her husband

Mrs Rodger, 41, was convinced the doctors were right to think it was a rather unlikely prospect. ‘It never crossed my mind that it would be twins again but I’m absolutely delighted,’ she said.The couple from Langbank, Renfrewshire, decided not to find out the sex of the babies before they arrived  Hospital.

Bundles of joy: Newborn twins Rowan Rodger (top) and Isla Rodger (bottom)

Mrs Rodger said: ‘I was convinced I was having two boys. I’m still getting my head around the fact that there will be more girls in the house – people to steal my sparkly shoes and make-up.

Mrs Rodger will be counting on the boys too when her husband is away from home on work all of next month.

The girls, who are not identical, were delivered by caesarean section last Wednesday with Rowan arriving first followed two minutes later by Isla

She said: ‘It is daunting but because the boys are a bit older, it makes it a bit easier.

‘They understand more and I’m going to need a lot of help from them.’

Twins together: Isla Rodger (left) and Rowan Rodger (right) with their brothers left to right Finn, Kyle, Lewis and Jude
Mrs Rodger with her husband Colin Rodger (back left), their new newborn twins Isla (left) and Rowan (right) and sons left to right Finn, Kyle, Lewis and Jude at the Southern General Hospital in Glasgow


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