Mothers’ Joy As They Meet Their Babies For The Very First Time, Just Seconds After Giving Birth

Moms are seen immediately postpartum, with their babies lying on their chests, kissing their partners, and even one woman sobs while sighing: ‘I did it. I did it!’

Some shots feature the exact moment the child exits the mother’s womb and is swept into her arms, showing the woman’s immediate first reaction to becoming a mom.

Viewers applauded the photographers for including such a diverse range of birth stories

But the most striking thing about the various births covered is just how varied they are, whether it happens in a birthing pool, on the family couch or by c-section on the operating table.


Monet said the pair aimed to show how birth can be ’empowering, beautiful, and redemptive’

‘No matter how or where you have your baby, the moment you meet them is life-changing,’


The video shows a huge range of stories, including births both at home and in hospitals
The photographers released the incredible clips in honor of Mother’s Day
A powerful video shows the first moments moms meet their babies after birth
The clip was created using footage from around the world collected by photographers Monet Nicole and Jennifer Mason of Birth Becomes Her

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