Mum, 24, Gives Birth To Four Kids In Three Years After Delivering Two Sets Of Twins

A young mum says it is “crazy but I love it” after having two sets of twins resulting in a hectic house with five children under five.

Nadine Robertson, 24, gave birth to the four kids in three years and says she gets stopped all the time when she goes out as it’s quite unusual.

Her eldest daughter Isla is four and then she has the two sets of twins.

Nadine, from Doncaster, said that both sets of twins were conceived naturally.

Nadine and her husband, Phil Banks, 31, both have no other twins in their families.

The children are spread across their four-bedroom home, with each set of twins sharing a room and Isla enjoying one to herself.

Nadine said when she goes out with both sets of twins, she often gets comments from strangers who stop her in the street.

She said: “Every time I go out I get people stopping me on the street.

“As soon as they realise that there’s two babies in the pram and I have the other two little ones with me, they always comment on it.”

The comments range from questions on their behaviour to whether the kids are the result of IVF.

Nadine said: “I get it all the time, mainly from older people, asking if I had IVF, which I didn’t.

“The first person who asked me, when I had my first set, I was really taken aback.

“It’s so weird because if you had one baby no one would ever dream of asking ‘were they natural or did you have IVF?’

“But I just get it a lot, especially now with two sets, I know people are just curious.”

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