Mum Gives Birth Biggest Babies At 11lbs 5oz – The Weight Of A Bowling Ball

A mum who gave birth to one of the biggest babies of the last twenty years has shared how she thought she might be having twins due to the size of her bump.

Ronny-Jay Fewtrell arrived into the world weighing 11lbs 5oz – the same as a bowling ball or a small dog – after he was delivered at Worcestershire Royal Hospital.

Mum Jade Bayer, 33, said her son was so chunky he couldn’t fit into newborn baby clothes and went straight into items for three-to-six-month-olds.

The mother-of-four naturally gave birth to Ronny-Jay at 5.49am on April 5, almost opting for a C-section during the lengthy 16 hour labour.

The average baby born weighs around 7.5lbs, which puts Ronny among some of the biggest newborns in the UK.

Incredibly, Jade said her baby bump was bigger with her latest arrival than when she gave birth to twins.

‘A lot of people were joking it was twins again because I carried bigger with Ronny than with the twins.

‘When he was born we had to ask to double check the weight because it was 5,000 grams and we didn’t know how much that was.

‘By the time they’d converted it even the midwives were shocked and checked it again on the chart they had.

‘One of them said he is the biggest baby that has been on the scales. The midwives were laughing saying his umbilical cord was like a tow rope.

And she’s already had to give up breastfeeding him, due to being unable to keep up with the demands of her thirsty jumbo tot, who is now aged 12 weeks.

The family had to switch him to hungry baby formula, after the midwives noticed he was feeding far more than could be provided by breastfeeding.

Their nine-year-old twins Vinny and Shilo weighed 7lbs 10z and 7lbs 6oz while daughter Analise, 14, was born weighing 9lbs 13.5oz.

Full-time mum Jade added: ‘By the looks of it, they keep getting bigger and four is enough for anyone.

Jade continued: ‘I was quite shocked to learn he could be one of Britain’s biggest babies but the midwife did say he was the biggest ever on her scales.

‘He’s absolutely fine now and gets on great with his siblings, they dote on him.

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