Mum Gives Birth To Twins Born On Different Days In Separate Months And Years

A pair of twins have remarkably been born on different days, separate months and in two different years.

Mum Kali Jo Scott, from Texas, US, went into labour with her first twin baby girl Annie Jo at 11.55pm on New Year’s Eve as her sister Effie Rose followed just minutes later at 12:01am on New Year’s Day.

Dad Cliff was left astonished as the twins were predicted to be born around midnight but the pair didn’t expect both of them to be born in different years.

He said: “We had joked at that point, once we realised that we weren’t going to leave the hospital without babies, that wouldn’t it be funny.”

Mum Kaid added: “We had a couple friends who said the same thing, and then it ended up happening that way.”

Kali had turned up early to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Denton for some tests on December 29 ahead of her scheduled C-section on January 11.

However, she was admitted to hospital after concerns over her blood pressure.

It was on New Year’s Eve when medics decided to perform her C-section two weeks early – and gave the babies some special landmarks.

The first twin, Annie Jo, was the last baby born in 2022 at the hospital and her sister Effie Rose was the first baby born at the hospital in 2023.

Annie and Effie were born healthy and weighed 5 pounds, 5 ounces each.

Despite the different birthdays the parents are delighted the twins get to have their own identities.

Kali said: “You always still want to make sure they have their own individual personality and know that they are special and unique. So this gets to add to that special and uniqueness that some twins don’t maybe get.

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