Mum Reveals Her Twin Daughters Are Half-Sisters With Two Biological Mothers

A mum has revealed that her twin daughters are in fact half-sisters with two biological mothers – after she became pregnant using both a donor egg and her own. Sandra Stodola welcomed her longed for fraternal twin girls in February after trying to conceive for nearly four years.

The first-time mum from Rochester, New York, has spoken openly about her twins unique genetic make-up, with husband Jack the biological father of both their girls.

Eleanor Ann and Evelyn Louise, now four months, were born after the couple spent £21,000 on five rounds of heartbreaking IVF.

Sandra, a Physician Assistant, said: “We tried with my eggs for four rounds of IVF but I was told my eggs were very poor quality.

The couple were left devastated and Sandra, 34, openly admits she was ready to give up

“It was very hard, I went through all the stages of grief, being angry and asking why me?

“I always said I couldn’t go through the pain of a failed round again, but I knew that never having a baby was worse and soon enough I would want to try again.”

She added: “Our fifth attempt really was a last ditch effort. We decided to use both my egg and frozen donor eggs.

“I didn’t want to give up on myself entirely, but I never thought after so many failed rounds and years of trying naturally that my own egg would ever work.

“They are fraternal twins and half-sisters with different biological mothers and the same father.”

Sandra added: “Some doctors we came across were blown away and every nurse we told was amazed.

“We honestly feel so blessed and I will tell anyone who will listen our story.

“When people ask are they identical twins? I love to watch their face when I say, actually no they are half-sisters, with two different mom genes.”

The sisters were born at 36 weeks via emergency C Section.

Sandra added: “Eleanor is the oldest, she was born 2 minutes earlier weighing 5lbs 9oz and Evelyn was 5lbs 1oz.”

Sandra openly admits despite having a text book pregnancy, she was petrified she would lose her babies.

“I was convinced there was a problem, even seeing them grow every week on scans, I was petrified I would never get to hold them.

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