Mum Says Her 14-Month-Old Baby Is So Big She Wears Size Three Clothes

A mum has told how her 14-month-old baby girl is so huge she is already wearing size three clothes.

Mum Kayla is only 5ft 2in and weights 110lbs (7st 8lb or 49 kilos) and when she gave birth in 2020 her little girl weighed a healthy 7lbs 5.5oz

However 18-year-old Kayla says her baby just keeps growing and is on a breastmilk diet.

Taking top TikTok to share her experience, Kayla, she said she just assumed her baby would be tiny like her.

In a video where she is carrying her child Kayla said: “Me thinking my baby will always be super tiny like I was while I was pregnant.”

Kayla then filmed herself lifting up her baby, who at 14 months old is already almost half the size of her mum – but kayla says her dad is a tall guy.

She captioned her video: “Her dad’s side is tall and big so of course she’s just like them. Love her though!”

Kayla said: “I’ve gotten opinions from more than one doctor and lactation consultants, and they’ve said keep doing what I’m doing!

“She refuses a lot of table food so breastmilk substitutes for what she won’t eat. Some kids are just bigger.”

But other TikTok users came out in support of Kayla, with some praising her for being a good mum to her daughter.

One person said: “So glad you are letting your baby be a baby and not worrying about her size. You seem like such a good mum.”

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