Mum’s Joy As Premature 70million-To-1 ‘Rainbow Baby Quads’ Turn Three

As Corrie mum Gemma Winter’s struggle to cope with her quads grips millions of viewers, Carla Crozier knows what she’s going through.

And, as her own four celebrate their third birthday, the whirlwind of joy, tears and exhaustion that lies ahead for her.

Like Gemma’s babies, Carla’s four girls were born 12 weeks premature.

But Carla’s were the result of a final IVF attempt with husband Paul to give their daughter Darcie, now six, a sibling.

And the couple beat odds of 70 million to one by ending up with two sets of identical twin girls.

On their birthday on Friday, Carla dressed Isla and Demi and fellow twins Alyse and Milla in rainbow colours.

Just as she does every year in memory of two miscarriages in 2015 in her bid to add to Darcie, also born through IVF.

But the quads can be far from as sweet as they look.

“They fight over anything,” said Carla, 37, who juggles potty-training, tantrums and teething.

“If one sits too close they’ll whack each other.

“Paul and I average two hours sleep while they’re teething. It’s tough.

She and Paul have passed many milestones, including the girls starting nursery and potty training – saving £50 on 140 nappies a week.

Carla has been self-isolating with her brood, so the girls’ birthday felt strange. “I made a cake and we played games.

“Thank goodness we have a garden,” she said.

“Seeing my rainbow babies at three makes me so proud.”

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